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We firmly hold the believe that our Company Aarthik Anand Jeevan Adhar PVT. LTD. will be fort emerging Costumer of substances who can serve great causes Any Company is not measure by number of District and Block but by quality of Costumer. The quality & Value of Costumer to achieve Company excellence. We are Trying fill the gap between what is desire and what is being delivered by prove environment manifesto require talent among the District in charge and Costumer. Finally I give my sincere thanks to all over wisher and those who have helped .

Aarthik Gold Detergent Powder

Aarthik Gold Detergent powder and cakes (with herbal contents). Washing clothes with safety for skin. Aarthik prepares high-quality detergent powder , having mix of herbals at very low price. It not only cleans cloths but also keep the skin safe. It also removes stench of the body due to the herbs used in the product and also keeps various skin diseases at bay. The detergent powders are rich in the qualities of lemon, which gives freshness. It also has the qualities of `neem`, which is anti-bacteria. This powder washes clothes gently with no problem to the skin.

Aarthik Retail Bazaar


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Behind of Maurya Hospital, Chetan Nagar,

NH-2, Virzapur, Mathura,Pin- 281006, Uttar Prdesh

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