Meg’s Easter Dress


This beautiful dress can be made to order in size 1 or 2 in time for Easter! It has a subtle bunny print and beautiful lace and gingham contrasting. There are adjustable side snaps and the straps are also fairly flexible depending on where you tie your bow! Get in touch if you'd like one for your little rabbit! ??❤

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We are a small business run by husband and wife team Tim, an IT professional by day and Liz, a horticulturalist and all-round crafty lady.

In 2016, we pooled our resources and imported an industrial grade CO2 laser cutter with the intention of starting a business creating and selling quilt kits.

After many hours tinkering and experimenting, we are biting the bullet and launching our website!

We are currently specialising in children’s clothes and toys and quilt papers for English paper piecing but hope to expand to complete quilt kits and sew-your-own baby clothes kits in the near future.

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Does your project have awkward angles and difficult cuts?

Our laser cutter has a 900mm x 600mm cutting bed and we are happy to use it to cut your custom paper pieces and cotton fabric projects.

Some projects we have tested include:

  • English Paper Piecing polygons in various shapes and sizes (hexagons, kites, diamonds, pentagons, clamshells)
  • Appliqué letters and shapes (animals and flowers)
  • Clothing pattern pieces

Any shape, any size, contact us using the form below and we can work something out!


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