Future of Startups Collaborations

Sharkups is a place where Startups can create their brand and collaborate.

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Sharkups offer different features for startups to collaborate and incubators to maintain their portfolio startups.

Free for startups

Startups can use sharkups for their brand creation and collaboration.

For Incubators

Maintain portfolio startups, sent reminders and get updates.


Your data is private to you and can be shared only on demand.

User Friendly

Simplicity is our focus, so that maintenance doesn't become a task.


Startups and incubators can set reminders and startups would be notified time to time for new updates.

Collaboration Request

Startups receive a request prior to collaboration and they can limit messages or can just avoid.


One can keep an eye on the updates of the startups and even get updates on the work done all at one place.

Verified startups

Companies would be verified by us and also one can be sure about them from the reviews given by previous companies.

Maintain your brand

Startups can create their profile and can maintain all the projects and services offered by them, they can even add their privious work and create more trust towards the brand. Also they can maintain different documents and can keep them private or can choose to share them with the person they want.


Boost your business by collaborating.

Get your business recognised and start collaborating with others and grow your business.

Search lists

Get a high rank by creating trust from the companies with which you have worked and also by showcasing your previous work.

Limit conversation

You can choose with whom you want to talk and how much.

Stay Organized

Keep all the stuff related to your business at one place, no need to go anywhere else for any work related to your startup, we aim to provide you all solutions with few clicks.

Quick Access

Have access to your or your partner company deatils with few clicks.

Notifications and mails

Get notified for updates or reminders on time as well as can send reminders to partners.


Your data is private to you until you want to share it with someone, we don't want to breach your privacy.


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For being the early users, Register here!

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