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Valves Application

The oil and gas industry is a subset of the pipelines category. Due to the high demand for oil and gas, deeper wells, longer pipelines, and lower ...
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The power industry is a large and growing industry with an increasing need for parts and products. AuGain Valves can solve the issues that routinely plague power ...
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Along the many miles of piping, each plant requires dependable isolation of critical equipment and control of process flow, coupled with reliable vent and drain valves. A ...
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This use is an essential aspect of many industries, but there are hundreds of thousands of miles of crucial pipelines that transport media from its source to ...
The biopharm industry is part of the larger chemical processing industry. The most important feature of valves used in this industry is their ability to be cleaned ...
Valves play a critical role in the marine industry. As ships become larger and are used more frequently, they require the ability to generate power, treat and ...
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About AuGain Valve

Jinan Augain Valve Company designs and manufactures highly engineered valves. We work in partnership with our customers, industry associations, and governmental entities to understand their unique challenges and respond with innovative solutions. Meanwhile, we also have rich experience in domestic sales, if you want to open China Market, please contact us with no hesitate!

Our Mission

AuGain Valves have a professional team who can make your big ideas into great products. We can provide better valves and fittings for projects all over the world.

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To be the world’s Leading Company of Valve Solution and Engineering Service.
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