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    When you order additional cards for family members, friends, agents or employees.
  • Demystifying Anonymous Debit Cards

    Be wary of other card sites that claim to have totally "anonymous" cards, because this is not exactly true.
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  • Taking Advice from the Big Guys

    Thinking of going offshore? Apple does it, so do Google and Nike; and let's not forget our last presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney.
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  • Protect Your Right to Privacy

    Much of the freedom that we believe we enjoy comes ever closer to becoming little more than an illusion.
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The Sovereign Gold Card Advantage

Top Uses of Our Prepaid Debit Card

Offshore Prepaid Anonymous Debit Cards - International and Private

Apply now and order up to three prepaid debit cards. Choose from EUR Visa Electron, USD MasterCard and/or EUR MasterCard debit-ATM cards, all with convenient online account access.

Use the Sovereign Gold Card everywhere mastercard and visa debit cards are accepted.

Sovereign Gold Card has been offering prepaid card services since 2005, and through its affiliate, Sovereign Management & Legal, offshore corporate formation and legal management services since 1996.

How the order process works

How the order process works

Example of Our Offshore International Anonymous Prepaid Debit/ATM Cards

615-694-2861(778) 736-4776


“Prepaid debit cards continue to grow more popular and offer more services...” New York Times

“Prepaid cards are making inroads [in] a growing number of colleges...” Wall Street Journal

“Google will offer a prepaid debit card...” Reuters

Sovereign Gold Card provides offshore, international, anonymous prepaid debit cards (imprinted name options also available).
Sovereign Gold Card is a service of 302-994-8799, a multi-jurisdictional offshore services provider

For more on offshore formation services please go to www.offshore-protection.com