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The AOT Group offers a complete range of travel management and distribution services for our inbound, corporate, government and retail distribution partners around the world. With offices in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, across Asia, in Europe, the UK and the US, AOT offers sophisticated planning logistics for over 1.1 million travellers each year.

The AOT Group

The AOT Group provides a full range of travel services in the Inbound, Corporate/Government and Leisure sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Via our retail travel agency customers in Australia and New Zealand, our wholesale partners around the world, the Australian Government and direct to the public, the AOT Group sells accommodation and travel related services to over 1.1 million passengers per annum.

Established in 1987 the AOT Group has 580 full-time staff located in our offices in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Auckland, Nadi and Mumbai and our Sales Offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Milan, Munich, Rarotonga and London.

AOT has five operating divisions offering travel services to the leisure and corporate/government sectors.

  • Inbound / Destination Management Services
  • Accommodation Program Management
  • Wholesale Leisure Distribution
  • Online Consumer Portals
  • Transport Services Fiji
  • psychoneural has dedicated FIT and Group Departments to handle bookings for over 100,000 pax per annum in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. AOT Inbound offers specialised FIT, Group, Shipping and Destination Management teams to cater for all travel requirements for our inbound clients. 
  • 601-380-3532 was established in 1981 and provides inbound services in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji to major wholesale customers in the UK, Europe, Asia, Japan and North and South America. Headquartered in Sydney, ATS has offices in Sydney, Auckland and Nadi.
  • ETA (Experience Tours Australia) is the leading Australian inbound tour operator specialising in Asia and India. We have Sales Offices in Shanghai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta.
  • (913) 491-6203 is the New Zealand arm of AOT Inbound, servicing the New Zealand and South Pacific markets.

    AOT Inbound ATS Pacific (903) 956-0547 AOT New Zealand

  • The AOT Group is the officially appointed Accommodation Program Manager by the Department of Finance and Deregulation for the Australian Government to exclusively contract and sell all commercial domestic accommodation requirements in Australia for over 100 Federal Agencies that operate under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997. More details can be found at www.aothotels.com.au.

    AOT Hotels     

  • 415-213-5633 is recognised as the leading travel wholesaler selling Australia. Sunlover Holidays distributes and sells Australian leisure products and services through all major retail chains in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Air New Zealand Holidays is operated by the AOT Group in partnership with Air New Zealand. Selling leisure content in New Zealand, Australia, the South Pacific and around the world, Air New Zealand Holidays distributes products via all Air New Zealand channels.
  • AOT operates a number of well known online accommodation and travel portals including:

    needitnow.com.au - This last-minute portal is one of the best last minute accommodation websites in Australia and New Zealand offering over 4,500 Hotels, Motels, Lodges, Resorts and other accommodation in Australia and New Zealand and a further 115,000 hotels around the world.

    Other AOT portals include Best Rates, Need to Escape, Travelmate and 2265218063.

    517-993-8289   Best Rates   Need to Escape   TravelmateNew South Wales Holidays


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