Online gambling is one industry that has expanded by leaps and bounds over the last few years. The growth that this industry has experienced is only seconded by that of social networking, so you can imagine the intensity of growth. This exponential growth can be mainly attributed to online poker, which has grown from revenues of $82.7 million in 2001 to $2.4 billion in 2005.

Traditional land based (brick and mortar) casinos can be an intimidating place for novice players and the geographical constraints of these casinos (restricted to a few major cities) makes accessibility difficult. Brick and mortar casinos also involve a large sum of cash, thus increasing the risks by a great extent. On the contrary, online casinos have much lower betting scales, thus reducing risks and increasing the number of players. This strategy is analogous to retail chains using mass production to woo consumers. Legality of online poker has always been a cause for concern for many. Fortunately, players from states in which online gambling is not legal can still gamble online on casinos based in other countries. If you live in Nevada than you’re able to enjoy the best online Las Vegas holdem poker games, for the rest of us we will have to wait a bit longer for that true Vegas feel.

Now the question that everyone has been waiting for, how do online poker rooms profit? Primarily there are four ways through which online poker rooms are known to generate revenue. First of the four is rake. Rake is generally calculated as a percentage of the pot based on a sliding scale, which is also capped at a maximum fee. However different websites have different rake structures. Since running an online poker room is much cheaper than an actual poker table the rakes are much cheaper online. Online poker websites are known to promote secondary games like blackjack which also helps in improving the revenue generated. Investment is another way that online poker houses generate revenue.

Fairness is one aspect that comes under a lot of scrutiny when it comes to online poker. Randomness in the shuffle is one aspect that is debated very often. Critics assert that the shuffle always favors the house. Insider cheating is another avenue that people are known to exploit online poker. However, the fact is that almost all online casino sites have software in place to generate cards and numbers in a completely random fashion. Hence, as long as you pick a reputed online casino, you should have no worries as to the fairness of the hands being dealt or the numbers generated.

Playing Poker In Online Casinos

Online casinos have become the new popular form of entertainment and enjoyment on the internet today as people find it easier to gamble sitting on their couches than going to a casino which entails significant waste of time and money. One of the most popular online games that people like to play is poker and its various forms. Texas Hold ‘Em is the most common form that is available in all online casinos and the one that most people are familiar with. While the rules of the games are standard, certain extra rules and regulations apply to online casinos which may not apply to physical casinos.

Being online, most sites give the provision of being able to talk to your fellow players sitting in some other place playing against you and obviously some kind of conduct is expected from all the players, as is expected in a casino. These are called house rules and people are expected to maintain certain etiquette or they risk the chance of being suspended not only from the table but also the casino for a time the host thinks suitable.

There is also a limit on the amount a person can play in a day and the amount a person can bet or use in the casino and depending on the gambler’s situation, the hosts of the site can stop them from playing if they believe that the player is winning too much. This may seem unfair, but these rules exist to prevent dishonest people from exploiting a flaw in the system. There are also rules about how to play poker on the table regarding the blinds and bets and what are the standard limits on the respective sites. You can make a choice between playing at a normal table or joining a tournament or a jackpot game for that matter, depending on how you feel your luck is going and if you fulfill certain money conditions.

One must also not forget that in the jackpot rounds, one is eligible to win the pot only under certain conditions and it is best that you check the rules of the online casino beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings. Playing online poker in an online casino can be fun if you stick by the rules and create a nice friendly environment while obviously focusing entirely on your game play.


With the advancement in technology and Internet access over the globe, online gambling is attracting more and more users each day. Today, it is a multi-billion-dollar global industry with over 2000 websites allowing you to place your bets online. Real-time score updates, gambling room simulations, secure payment options, social media interaction, convenient user interfaces and 24/7 availability have amalgamated to create an alluring virtual universe for gamblers. It’s like a online version of Las Vegas without the sex and drugs. This alternate reality offers a disparate range of gambling choices that are a lot more intelligible than their offline counterparts. From living rooms, cafes or their parents’ basements, over 10 million gamblers converge on the World Wide Web to try their luck and spin their fortunes with a few clicks!

Some forms of gambling that have increasingly become popular online are discussed as follows.

Sports betting involves playing the odds on real-world sports such as soccer, cricket, hockey, tennis, etc while they are in-play.  Instantaneous updates and dynamic online markets allow this form of online betting to run flawlessly. This is a much more interactive way to bet than you will find in a Vegas sportsbooks. Hosts have the ability to track user IP’s and gamblers can rely on the reputability of websites like Betfair.com, thus creating a mutual bond of trust in placing bets over the web.

Another popular gambling game quite popular with internet gambling enthusiasts is Online Poker. Virtual poker rooms offer you such a wider sample of games to play and just about every ante level is also available. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, HORSE, razz, Seven-card Studd, etc., are some of the forms of poker that are available online. Cost effectiveness and augmented precision in detection of fraud are huge advantages of Las Vegas online hold’em poker rooms.

Apart from conventional gambling, lotteries are also picking pace in terms of popularity on the World Wide Web. Unlike offline lotteries that are mostly government-run, online lotteries allow for a greater scope for private players. Boxlotto.com, myplaywin.com and thelotter.com are some examples of online lotteries that sell tickets, announce lottery winners and even provide a horde of empirical data for the benefit of buyers. Owing to the increase in lottery players since lotteries went online, several traditional lotteries such as America’s Powerball have also introduced the option to play online.

Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slot machines, craps and all the indulgences of a luxurious casino are now available online as well (Well almost all, you still need to pay the airfare to Vegas for the beautiful women serving cocktails!). WizardofOdds.com, Playnow.com and other similar casino gambling websites have been empirically reported to give the same paybacks and odds as regular casinos.

Live Dealer Poker Now Available Online

Live dealer poker is now available at many of the better online casinos. For many years, there was no alternative to the computerized online poker experience which employed random number generators to dictate which cards came up. But the top gambling websites online understand that some players prefer to see a human dealer flipping the cards. For some online players, it just gives them an enhanced feeling of safety. Instead of an imaginary combination of digital data representing a particular suit and card denomination, they get to see and hear an actual human being dealing from a physical deck or shoe. So exactly what technology is involved that delivers a 9517368881 feel magically to wherever you may be when you are playing poker online? Live dealer poker is sometimes also called WebCam poker, and while the layout may differ from site to site, the basics are the same.


Usually, the virtual poker table, chips, cards and seats appear the same as in the traditional online poker game. There is not much technology wasted here, and the traditional online poker experience is just about the same from one site to another. However, in live dealer poker, a smaller window is open somewhere on the screen that shows an actual dealer shuffling and dealing cards. In many cases, audio is provided as well as video, and you can hear everything going on at the table. Live dealer poker adds a human element to what was previously a rather robotic experience, and comes closer to providing the realism of an actual Las Vegas casino.


Whether you simply don’t trust technology and the use of random number generators in games like Texas Hold ‘Em, or you simply prefer your online gambling experience to be as real as possible, live dealer poker delivers on both counts. And many casinos are starting to cater to this type of online poker experience, and even offer healthy Deposit Bonuses, RakeBack Payments, incentives and rewards specific to WebCam poker players.


So if you tire of the same old robot-like, humdrum online poker experience, find out which reputable online casinos offer live dealer poker, and take a look at the bonuses they offer for this particular style of play. Open an account, sit down for a few hands, enjoy the most realistic online poker experience you have ever encountered, and benefit from the peace of mind that random number generators simply cannot offer


Those that have been trying to follow the ongoing poker news have been steadily watching the course case that could impact online gaming forever. Arguments are being made in New York on a case that focuses on   whether or not gambling online would continue to be illegal under the Internet Gambling Business Act. More importantly gambling associated with the game of poker. Poker fans have watched this go back and forth with many of the major sites that were hotbeds for players trying to gain skill, go down in flames. While there are still some elusive websites out there that will allow you to play poker for money, they are not 100% U.S. based and could land players in some hot water.

It was in 2012 that a ruling came through thanks to the U.s District Court Judge Jack Weinstein that would allow poker to get classification as skill not gambling. This is a big win for the card game, but that doesn’t necessarily change the way the United States views the game online. While brick and mortar casinos are popping up all over the nation with only card games, many that don’t want to venture out are still hoping for a full appeal that will allow gambling within the confines of their home. The arguments that are being pushed by the Department of Justice have not fought against the skill set definition, instead they are worried that the game will fall into the wrong hands.

Getting children and teenagers away from online gambling seems to be the main worry that the legal system is tied up in. The legality of poker online will definitely be determined in the coming months as arguments are opening up in regards to the issues that concern the Department of Justice. This is a momentum shift for sure as online gambling has taken a few hits in the past in regards to wiring money which doesn’t necessarily apply to poker. However, the argument against gambling and money transfers relies heavily on the method, which can become a difficult argument for those that are in favor of legalizing the game online.

For those that are not fully sure what to make of the legal issues that are being heard right now in the circuit of appeals court, the rulings for poker’s skill category can help make a case to help get the game legalized and regulated online. The online world is definitely clamoring for a good poker site and the technology is ready to use. However, the chances of legalization continue to get challenged by skeptics that feel this is just another way to invite organized crime, theft, identity issues, and gambling into the homes of the American public.

The legal system is in place for a reason, and lawyers on both side of the case are trying to argue their point to a judging panel of experts. Whether or not the legalization of poker will occur based on the fact that the game is one of skill, hinges greatly on whether or not the court of appeals will agree with those for the game or those against it. The poker news world is still watching the appeals case, and when something positive happens, fans of the game will most definitely rejoice. For now, all eyes will be on New York’s Second Circuit Court of Appeals, alongside other state to state rulings in regards to the card game online.