Strategy, Combinations, and BeyondArcane Straight

Poker hands create simple rules and complex strategy!

Devise your own strategies with countless combos!

Devise your strategy by creating the highest possible attack multiplier with Card Combos!

9 classes with special Leader and Passive Skills!

A variety of content that requires endless strategy!

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Pre-registration Bonus
  • Pre-registration reward coupons will be sent to your e-mail address after the game has officially launched.
  • Coupons cannot be used multiple times.
  • iOS pre-registration won't grant you coupons.
  • Collection and usage of personal data

Combinations over Cards!Complete Combination Experience to receive 100% of the rewards!

Event Bonus - 2,000 Gold
  • Event rewards are given to warriors who have pre-registered and completed Combination Experience.
  • You can complete the Experience multiple times, but you'll only be rewarded once.

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Event Reward - 10 Diamond
  • Community event winners will be announced on our official Community board after the official launch.
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    (Guests or other accounts can't receive the reward)