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The PluriBus™ Standard – From Many, One
The new industry standard for full-featured embedded computing

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Welcome to the official PluriBus™ website. PluriBus represents a major step forward in embedded computing. It combines the best of PC/104 and ETX into a new form factor that provides all of their advantages and more. By building on the successful ideas of these standards and addressing their limitations in customer applications, we have been able to create a new standard that can be used in almost any configuration!

  • PluriBus boards plug directly onto baseboards like a large chip. You can plug a PluriBus CPU directly onto a custom baseboard to eliminate all cables and reduce assembly time. And the footprint is ETX-compatible, so in many cases you can upgrade your existing ETX-based design to PluriBus. (The larger board size and extra board-to-board connector on the bottom of PluriBus may make it incompatible with some baseboard designs.)

  • PluriBus boards feature PC/104 expansion on top. You can add hundreds of different PC/104 and PC/104-plus expansion modules onto a PluriBus CPU, eliminating the need for custom circuit design in many applications.

  • PluriBus boards feature PCI and ISA bus expansion. Both buses are available on the top-side PC/104 connectors and the bottom-side ETX connectors. If you are building a custom baseboard, you have access to both ISA and PCI expansion. This makes the design of a custom baseboard faster and easier.

  • PluriBus boards feature a unique dual-connection scheme. All I/O signals are available on both board-to-board and board-to-cable connectors, so you can also use PluriBus boards in standalone mode without a baseboard. Custom baseboard or simple cables – it’s your choice with PluriBus.

  • PluriBus boards are compact. They measure 5.00” x 3.94”. This size, combined with high-density connectors, enables more circuitry to fit onto the board, so in many cases one board is all that’s needed for a complete system.
PluriBus provides a comprehensive set of I/O connectors for board to board connections:
  • X1-X4 are the bottom-side ETX connectors. These are the same type and locations as ETX. With a few exceptions, pinouts are identical to ETX. Improvements have been made to provide additional serial ports, USB power control, and ethernet magnetics.

  • X5-X6 are new vendor-specific connectors. These are of the same type as X1-X4 and are located on the bottom of the board 11mm away from X3 and X4.

  • J1-J3 are the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus connectors located on the top side.

PluriBus standard provides for three possible PC/104 expansion configurations:

  • Option A includes J1/J2 only for PC/104 8- and 16-bit expansion.

  • Option B includes J1, J2, and J3 for PC/104 and PC/104-Plus expansion.

  • Option C includes only J3 for PCI-104 PCI-only expansion. (PCI-104 is under discussion by the PC/104 Consortium but has not yet been approved.)

In order to reduce the amount of PCB real estate taken up by bus connectors, J1-J3 are new SMT versions of the standard connectors that omit the long pins on the bottom side. This allows top-side only PC/104 expansion and provides an additional 1.7 square inches on the bottom of the board for additional circuitry.

To find out more about PC/104, visit www.pc104.org.
To find out more about ETX, visit www.adastra.com.