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Working at the nexus of Mind, Brain, and Education research, the Institute prepares beginning teachers to address learner variability through professional practice. By linking cognitive and neuroscience research to classroom instruction, our teachers inspire high academic achievement for all K-12 students.

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The Texas Institute for Teacher Education , a global teacher certification and placement program, exists to prepare college graduates for K-12 teacher shortage areas. To alleviate the national teacher shortage, we connect our graduates to teaching vacancies nationwide. Your certification and employment is our mission.

Program Benefits


  • Guaranteed Lowest Program Fees
  • Full Online Program
  • Continuous Enrollment
  • Program Alignment with State and National Standards
  • Nationally-Recognized Curriculum
  • Individualized Payment Plans
  • Teacher Placement Service
Texas Teacher Certification
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"The Institute has been one of the most helpful educational institutions that I have ever attended. The staff is quick to respond and knowledgeable. The material is clear cut and very informational."

"I had an excellent experience with the Institute. I passed all my Texes exams on the first attempt, and feel that the Institute fully prepared me for my first classroom.

Thank you!"

"I love that the Institute did not give up on me during financial times; I love that I can work at my own pace; I love that the Institute is there for me and works with me through my difficult teaching schedule; and I love that the courses are online. I would recommend the Institute to others as a great alternative certification program. Thank you for all you do! "

"I love the program! It has definitely prepared me to teach. In fact, I was offered a position about 15 minutes into my interview."

"I am really learning a lot in this program. I have referred a lot of my para coworkers to your site. I'm so excited about how much I've gained from being apart of your program. I'm looking forward to my new school year whether I'm the teacher or the para again. Thank you again for giving me this opportunity to get closer to Certification."

"I am so grateful to be part of TXITE certification program. The courses and modules have been an excellent source of learning and information impacting my work and performance as a teacher."

"TXITE is excellent!!  My professor communicated with me in an effective, timely, and informative manner. I learned how to use new technologies in the classroom to overcome educational barriers."

The Institute

the Leading Educator Certification Program In Texas!

Lowest Tuition in Texas. GUARANTEED!


Teacher quality grants allow The Texas Institute for Teacher Education to provide the LOWEST TUITION in the state of Texas. As grant recipients, when compared to other programs in the state of Texas, you will save up to $2000.00 on your total tuition costs.

Teacher Quality Matters

Innovative. Collaborative. Transformative.


The Institute is committed to the preparation of classroom educators who recognize that data-driven, learning-centered professional practice reflects a keen understanding of how human diversity issues impact the individualized learning process, including the acquisition of critical thinking, problem-solving, and performance skills.

Multi-Disciplinary Curriculum


The Texas Institute is the ONLY state-wide program that prepares new teachers to meet the learning needs of all students. Everyone learns differently. In fact, learner variability is as unique as the human fingerprint. To spark student success, our teacher-leaders masterfully use evidence-based professional practices to create optimal and accessible learning experiences for all K12 students.

Alignment to State and National Standards


To ensure that all teacher candidates master the professional sets of beginning classroom educators, the Institute curricula and assessments are aligned to multiple sets of state and national professional standards. The Educator Preparation Program at The Texas Institute for Teacher Education is aligned to national teacher preparation standards adopted by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and Specialized Professional Associations, including the CEC, ACEI, NCTE, NCTM, and TESOL.

"This has been an awesome process, the responses are quick and the help is fast. I am very pleased."

"This program was very thorough. I loved the flexibility of doing the coursework on my own time. It was so helpful for this busy mom! I felt the assignments were challenging and reflective of the skills I will need as an educator. Any questions were quickly addressed. Thank you!!"

"The Institute was awesome! The organization provided me with great strategies, support and feedback. My field supervisor Monica was more than an evaluator, she was a mentor, and assisted me with my growth this year. I have recommended the institute to several candidates and feel that the trainings and support I received from the institute will assist me in many years to come as I continue to perfect my craft."

"It has been a great experience learning from Dr. Short. I have gained so much knowledge about classroom management, strategies that accommodate all students, and developing UDL lesson plans."

"The seminar was amazing! This was a wonderful overall experience. The pacing helped me to keep up with the reading. The depth and scope of the seminar is excellent, and I know that I will be able to transfer the knowledge I gained here in my teaching career in the days to come. I thought the articles that we read along with the books were especially helpful. The organization of the seminar was excellent and I learned so much and found multiple ways to apply it to my teaching. The Universal Design for Learning helped me to design good and purposeful lesson plans. Learning about how the brain works was an eye opener as it helps me to understand why student's thinks the way they think. It also enables me to differentiate my lessons as per need. Specifically, I would like to thank Mrs. Tonie Hampton for being there throughout when I needed any help and visiting my classes and giving me feedback on how to improve on various levels. She was always thoughtful and insightful."

"I think this program is awesome! The administrator and supervisor are very helpful."

"I love your program and will recommend it to anyone that is looking to be certified!!"

"Excellent! The Texas Institute for Teacher Education has provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to earn a standard teaching certificate. Thank you!"

"I greatly appreciate the program and the hours of flexibility. I have highly recommended this program to friends and family. The payment plans are also a great option, and the Instructor is great."

"I think this program is excellent. It fits my scheduling needs while providing me all the necessary information I need to succeed as a teacher candidate. All staff members, including my instructor, have been very helpful, have responded in a very timely manner, and assisted me whenever necessary."

"I thought this was a great program! Everyone was always helpful. I loved my field supervisor, she was very helpful! Thank you for your help."

Your Teacher Certification
and Employment
is our mission...

"The Texas Institute for Teachers Education has been a great program for me. I love the program's flexibility. Dr. Garcia has been amazing. He is always willing to talk to me on the phone or meet with me to answer my questions and guide me through. He is very quick to respond to my e-mails. He has made the program for me."

"The modules are very comprehensive and informative. I learned to use the three UDL principles to create a meaningful lesson plan that meets diverse learning needs. I had an excellent instructor who provided immediate feedback to support learned skills.  I am very happy I selected TXITE to help me become a teacher."

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"This program has been an answer to my prayers. I have had great instructors and field supervisors to assist me in completing a lifelong dream to receive my teaching certification. I am more knowledgeable and classroom ready thanks to The Texas Institute Staff. This has been a great learning experience and I was thankful to move throughout this process with great ease."

Your Teacher Certification and Employment is our mission...

"I could not be happier so far with this experience. The modules are set up well and very interesting. The exams are straight forward and to the point. I do not feel overwhelmed working on this, as well as maintaining full time status at my current position. I was more than prepared for an interview with a local district, thanks to my instructor, who kindly took the time to discuss what to expect during the interview. AND I was hired!!! I feel extreme support from administration/faculty and I am extremely eager to continue this journey."

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