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Nibulon terminal
Capacity and technical equipment of the transshipment terminal "Nibulon" create the possibility of shipping up to 20 thousand tons of grains a day when declared capacity is 10,000 tons, provide separate production storage and bringing it to the required quality of conditions. Total capacity of the simultaneous reception of agricultural products at the terminal is 90 railway wagons and 700 trucks (in the amount of 23.5 thousand tons per day). Automatized registration and cargo traffic control along with documents execution is performed on the principle of "single window" at the terminal. Control of all cargo traffic flow is fully automatized. "Nibulon" transshipment terminal has a unique TV supervising system for technological process of grains loading monitoring, that no other port or terminal within Ukraine has.
Border crossing point for international maritime cargo traffic is operating round the clock and is situated on the territory of the terminal, where full range of government control (customs, quarantine, sanitary) is performed with issuance/certification of all required documentation. Loading of vessel at the terminal is performed alongside the berth of 352 m length. Such length of the berth permits to load two vessels simultaneously. Vessels traffic to "Nibulon" terminal starts from Yuzhny pilot station following the route:
Yuzhny pilot station - BDLK channel entrance - Nikolaev Sea port harbour - 1 elbow of approaching channel of Nikolaev port - "Nibuon" terminal.
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Nikolaev Sea Port Nikolaev Sea port is one of the oldest ports in Ukraine, that brings glory to our region. History of the port began in 1789. At that time free port was founded on the left bank of Ingul river, which in the result became the ancestor of the present Nikolaev Sea port.
In 1914 export trade volume of Nikolaev Sea port yielded to St. Petersburg and Odessa. In regards to grains export volume it had no equal among the ports of the Russian Empire. Today Nikolaev Sea port is budget-bulding company of the region. It is a part of the five biggest sea ports of the country and included to the list of companies that have strategic importance for the economy of Ukraine.
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Specialized Sea port "Oktyabrsk" was founded in 1965 and is situated on the left side of Dnepro-bugsky liman.
Vessels traffic is performed though Bugsko-Dneprovskiy Liman channel. Distance from channel entrance to port "Oktyabrsk" is 37,6 miles. Port of Oktyabrsk today is multiprofile port with highly qualified personnel, equipped with modern equipment. Port has a large quantity of trans-shipping machinery and cargo-loading devices adapted for loading/discharging any type of dry/bulk/general cargoes. Upto 3,5 millions tons of general cargo goods are being transhiped per year. Primary specialization of port of "Oktyabrsk" is transhipment/loading of general cargoes. "Oktyabrsk" port is working 24/7 including weekends and holidays.
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