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" Conferience is an interactive web-app facilitating direct interaction among speakers and their audience for events such as: lectures, presentations, conferences, polling, training courses, seminars, focus groups, research & (executive) meetings "

for Attendees

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Custom Branding

Custom Branding. Add your logo on the header.


Continue receiving questions, ideas and push messages
while your screen is locked.


Let your attendees know everything about event’s agenda and speakers’ profile.

Attendees Questions

Let everyone submit their questions, no more microphones involved.


See your Reports in Graphical Representation.


Increase your revenue streams. Provide your sponsors with the best promotion!


Allows you to easily poll a live audience.


Share your positive experience of an event. Allows you to live test an audience


Reward those who participate.

Upcoming Events

Inform your Attendees for the Upcoming events

Event Evaluation

Get constructive feedback about your event.

Speaker Evaluation

Rate the speakers and help them sharpen their skills.


Meet other professionals and expand your business network.

Extra Security Code

Increase your event's security.

Pop Up Messages

Send pop up messages to the attendees to instantly inform them.

Organizer's Profile

A short profile of the event organizer.


More than one event per day? More than one session? No worries!

My Agenda

Multisession Event? Select which sessions to attend.

Voice of my attendees

Make your conferences more democratic. Ask your attendees what they would like to experience this year.


Provide the Event Organizer with your positive feedback.


Convert your data into valuable business information.

Data Export

Export your data in the form of an excel sheet.

Banner Exposure

Provide your sponsors with the best promotion possible, putting them in the app's front page.

Pop Up Ads

Promote your sponsors' services or products through Pop Up Ads


Post or share your ideas and upvote the ones you like more.

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