Shopify Customer Fields


The Customer Fields app for Shopify allows you as a shop owner to collect and unique information you'd like from your customers.


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Customer information is important

We think capturing information about your customers is important. Customr provides a way for you to build a custom registration form so you can collect relevant data from people who sign up on your store.

Customer Account Edit

With Customr, you can add a form within your shop where your customers can edit their own information. No more emailing you for a simple email or name change. Name and email editing is covered under our basic plan.

Unique Customer Field Data

You can created your own unique custom fields for the data you need to collect from your customers. Use fields to collect information such as:

Some of the fields types you can create are:

Customer Email Notifications

Get notified when a customer creates or updates their account. Just set your email preferences and we'll send you an email every time you get a new customer.


Customer information is sensitive, so we made sure to keep everything well protected.



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