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find the products you recommend.

What is Spendwith?

Spendwith is where you create shoppable collections of your favorite
products—grouped into "lists"—so your friends, family & followers can buy the products you can’t live without.

Why Spendwith?

Help your followers by putting all the products you recommend in one beautifully designed place.

  • Make money! Spendwith is an influencer-centric community, and we make it easy to earn cash for your expertise.Your followers want to know what are your favorite product recommendations.
  • You’re busy. Making lists is snappy, and notifications mean your followers never miss your recommendations.Your followers want context.
  • Be seen. Spendwith's community is hungry to see products from credible influencers like you. When those recommendations live on Spendwith, your followers always know where to find them.
  • Spendwith gives you freedom. Embed lists on your site, and add videos, photos and text to bring your recommendations to life. Easily Share your lists across all social platforms, blogs and etc.

It’s your money. Keep it.

Free to use. Keep 100% of earnings on purchases from your lists.

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How to List on Spendwith

Add Items in Minutes

Add products to your lists with just a few
clicks. It’s that easy.

Share Everywhere

Tell your community about your lists wherever they follow you.

Earn Money

Keep 100% of the affiliate revenue when someone buys from your list.

Influencers of All Kinds

From Instagram influencers to youtube personalities,
Facebook group owners to bloggers, Social media starts and beyond,

Spendwith is a place for people who know a good product when they see one.

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Sign up as a Spendwith Beta user.

Don't worry, we don't spam

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