Welcome to our Concussion Community (working title).

The goal of the community is to provide a place to;

  • Share stories
  • Supporting and learn from each other
  • Hear noteworthy news in Concussion research

Driver for change #1

As someone that has struggled with post-concussion symptoms for many years now, I have found a few challenges present themselves across the entirety of my experience:

  • Opinions from Doctor to Doctor on how to treat concussions is highly variable, if offered at all, leaving me feeling lost or confused (To be fair, research is only now starting to catch up)
  • Research on concussion is difficult to find and is often written in a highly technical fashion (reading prompts symptoms for me making this search process frustrating)
  • I often felt isolated, like I was suffering from symptoms alone and found it therapeutic just talking to another human that was struggling, or had struggled, with similar symptoms

Note- would be cool if I could represent those 6 points above (3 points in mission, 3 points for drivers) with icons or pictures to make it easier to digest quickly

Driver for change #2

The guys that set this community up have had concussions in the past and have or are still working through the related symptoms. They found along the way; that opinions on how to treat concussion vary widely, research is not readily available, and there wasn’t a community of people working through similar challenges to share and learn with.

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