Two airplanes collide at Jakarta airport

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Two airplanes collided at an airport in Indonesia's capital Jakarta, resulting in a wing bursting into flames. A Batik Air passenger plane was taking off when its wing clipped the tail of a TransNusa airplane being towed across the runway. Authorities said there were no injuries in the Monday night occurrence, and all passengers were evacuated safely. Indonesia has actually had a depressing air safety record amidst a boom in flight, particularly with budget carriers.[...]

April Fools' 2016: Roundup of the best phony travel news

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From a kids-only airline class to virtual reality tour packages, our inboxes were filled with fake news releases on April 1 that got us pleased, flabbergasted, laughing out loud, or all at the very same time. Here are some that got one of the most responses from us. More information about 365travel can be found at this .[...]


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