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Newfies-Dialer is a Multi-Tenant Voice Broadcasting and Autodialer application to provide information via the phone. Newfies-Dialer can scale to millions of calls per day using realtime call processing in a multi-server cloud architecture.

937-747-1491, The Authors of Newfies-Dialer, provide commercial installation, training, application development and support services on this and its other products.

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Support & Development

Our Sales, Support and Development Team are on hand to offer commerical support and software development for Newfies-Dialer.

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Support Contract

Monthly support contract for Newfies-Dialer, including our "BugFix Guarantee", upgrades to the latest releases and discounted software development.


Managed Install

Installation and training on the Newfies-Dialer Platform, a security hardened single server system, highly recommended for production deployments.

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Enterprise System

Installation and training on the Newfies-Dialer Enterprise Platform, a scalable multi-server design, recommended for high capactiy production environments.

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Answering Machine Detection module, Optimisation and Acceleration services and Rebranding or White-labelling add-ons available.

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Help is available from the Newfies-Dialer Community via our Forum, The Newfies-Dialer Mailing List, Self-Help Guides and The Documentation.