Alcohol-Free Sanitizers

Kills 99.99% of Germs

Protects longer against germ contamination

Promotional Pocket-Size
hand & Wound sanitizer

Our 18ml pocket sprayer is the perfect
platform to promote your organization!
Available in black or white with full color
label. Color triggers also available.

Why Alcohol-Free?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers
require reapplication with each
exposure to germs. Alcohol
strips away the oils in your skin
that retain moisture and can
over dry the skin, trapping
germs in dead skin cells.

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Compare Alcohol-Free to
Alcohol-Based Sanitizers

Extended Protection

BAC-D Sanitizers include the
active ingredient Benzalkonium
Chloride, which continues to
provide protection against
germs, bacteria and viruses well
after the solution has dried,
unlike alcohol-based sanitizers..

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BAC-D kills MRSA, cDiff, Polio
and more...

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