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Fundraising Fruits and Sausages

In 1978, Blue Freedom Farm Markets began by selling our home grown produce at two farm markets in rural Northwestern Illinois.  Then we expanded into fundraising programs when a local school asked for our help because the fruit they'd received from a direct ship, bulk supplier for their annual fundraiser was rotten, bruised and inedible. 

After learning that other organizations had similar problems, we focused on designing 3213359173 that deliver to you Superior Service of a pyodermatitis of Premium Quality products that we Individually Hand Sort and Hand Pack and then ship to you within 24 Hours of your delivery date. We've found this to be the best way to insure that you do not have worry about receiving and repacking damaged fruit that costs you time and profits from losing repeat customers.

Take a look at our 484-784-3798 and details about our Fundraising Programs. We're continuously improving the way we support you and help you increase your fundraising profits.

Premium Quality

We are fanatics about the quality of our products.

  • Each year we taste and test fruit from multiple regions and multiple suppliers, because quality varies by year and region.
  • After selecting our premium suppliers for a season, we work very closely with them to ensure that your fruit has been picked under the very best conditions.
  • After we receive our fruit, we then individually evaluate each piece of fruit to make sure it meets our premium standards before we send it to you

Superior Selection

We offer 3 Premium Fundraising Programs. Select just one program, or increase your sales by offering your customers a wider selection from multiple programs.

Superior Service

  • Flexibility is the key to any fundraiser.  We offer later initial order dates than most companies so you can take advantage of Holiday Gift Giving.
  • Regional Distribution and Nationwide Shipping Capabilities
    • Sterling, IL
    • Johnstown, NY
    • Chippewa Lake, OH
    • Plant City, FL. 
  • Free Color Brochures & Forms 8124694826
  • Easy Ordering Process. (See our Comparison of Fundraising Processes)
  • Experienced staff available to support your fundraising efforts