Wow, It is pitney!   On the Rope!


Whatever your passions,

Wherever your adventures,

Whoever you go with,

However your style;


To get where you want to go,

See where you are,

Discover new places,

Return safely;


VanderMaps is the mapping solution for your Garmin GPS


VanderMaps?   What are these?

 VanderMaps are digital topographic maps for every country of the world!

They will NOT work in "SmartPhones or Apps", only standalone GPS devices

 These full featured, country sized maps Include complete...


- Cartographic Data

- Natural features include:

- rivers, lakes, glaciers and land cover

- Man-made features include:

- trails, roads, villages, businesses and peak names/heights

- Elevation/Contour lines

- Premium Map Series with:

- Enhanced User Interface

- Reduced Contour Intervals


Yes, everything you need to plan, navigate and explore your next adventure.

There are Free and Premium maps to meet every Adventurer's need.

Simple Installation - maps are "plug-and-play" ready for your GPS.


 Great! - How Do I Get a Map?

 See the "Get Started Here” box,

 and...Adventuring you will go!


Enjoy your Adventures!

pitney ;)